New Testament PDF

Download the New Testament in Jaunsari language in PDF format.

Jaunsari work in language translation of the Bible was introduced in 2010 .  New Niyem a book in 2010 (Mark ) began to translate and translate it into a book in 2011 called Jaunsari Jisna gone up in language  (Gospel of Mark)  was given .  This book was Bimocn and 06/09/2011 .

The book was translated brother Digambar Singh Chouhan and help them Methiws brothers Rajender Chavan and brother John had been given to devotees and Samsth Jaunsari Christ .  After this book devotees Jaunsari Jaunsari Christ in language  (acts of the Apostles)  translation began in 2012 ended in 2013 .
Both books can be downloaded in PDF format.


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